How to block Someone on iMessage Mac

iMessage is also the best way to connect with family and friends. Because it allows us to share any Message through the messaging app as messenger apps do. We can attach sound, images, videos, and more message types. If you have an iOS device with Mac, you can connect iMessage to mac. Then it more comfortable to send and receive messages via Mac. Sometimes people keep sending messages when we are in a complicated situation, at that time we want to work without getting disturbed, So how to block someone on iMessage mac? What are the possible ways for that? In this article, we will guide you on how to block iMessage on mac. Follow the guide below.

How to block someone on iMessage Mac

If you want to block someone from iMessage on mac, You can follow the below guide step by step.

1. open iMessage app on Mac
2. Click "Messages" in the menubar and select "preferences."
3. Now go to the Accounts tab and click on the blocked option.
4. Click on "+" sign and choose the contact you want to block.
5. Once you added the contact, you can see the blocked senders list.
After you blocked them, you will no longer get any iMessage from them.

How to unblock someone on iMessage mac

You can follow the same procedure as above and unblock blocked cantacts.

1. Open Message app and go to apple Message and "preferences."
2. Now chooses the accounts tab on new windows and finds the list of blocked contacts, Now by clicking on"-" you will remove from blocking them.
Now you will able to get Messages from unblocked users.

I hope this article helps to block and unblock unwanted contacts in our contact list. If you have any issues regarding this tutorial, let us know.

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